5 Basic things to know before starting muscle-building journey.

So you have decided to start your fitness and muscle building journey and you have stacked up against your fridge with broccoli, chicken, and supplements to be like this dude However, before that you need to understand these 5 basic things that everyone should know before making iron Love.
1. Know your BMR


BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the measurement of the number of calories that are burnt by your body while you are at complete rest. YEP !! you heard that right, your body actually burns calorie while you think you are doing barely minimum.


BMR for muscle building
BMR helps in calculating calorie needed for building muscle and shredding
and add your activity level (which is generally a factor, depending upon the intensity of everyday work ) and now you have total daily calories that your body needs to maintain your current levels. this is important if you have specific goals in the mind as you can then adjust your calorie intake if you want to bulk or shred.
Here is simple Math: Calorie consumed > calories burnt = gaining
Calorie consumed < calorie burnt = shred, as simple as that.
you can find your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) here
then there comes the science behind the addition and subtraction of calories, which I will get back in the next article.
2. Set your goal.
You need to set a goal in your mind, it may be getting shredded, loosing weight  or gaining muscle. However, if you are a beginner. you will need to bulk because trust me if you have not trained for muscle you will probably look like the skinny guy in the corner with low body fat. “it is the muscle that shows up outside your shirt”
muscle looks
Shredded muscular and skinny Chris Evans
The beginners tends to gain a decent amount of muscle with a minimum amount of fat (if things are done correctly). this is also known as a newbie gain.
Obviously you will need to weight your self weekly to evaluate your progress. This should also be done prior eating anything (Morning time before you have breakfast is good time to measure it)
3. Observe your eating habit
You will need to have a look at your plate. I am not talking about measuring everything (yes, that has its benefits) but as a beginner, you must observe your food and try to add protein source into your diet (target for 1 gm per kg of body weight).
The most mistake most people do is eliminate the things from their foods which they have been eating for a very long time.
Most Indians try to avoid Roti and rice and try to include brown bread and brown rice into their diet, which is ridiculous. I will get to this topic in the next post but this is not the right approach.
Regional food for muscle building
instead of removing food, try to add food generally protein sources. (every regional diet is actually balanced in itself, you just need to plan it).
you can find the nutrition content in the food by simply Googling it or by Few Apps like My Fitness pal or HealthifyMe.
4. Go for Compound Movements:

Instead of rushing into the gym and doing countless sit-ups and dumbbell curls hoping to be like Arnold is probably not the best idea.

As a beginner, your muscles have the highest tendency to achieve hypertrophy as your body is not adapted to resistance training so it would be best shot to learn the compound movements. some examples are like:
  • upper body: bench press, barbell rows, Deadlifts
  • lower body: Squats, stiff leg deadlift.
these will help you develop overall strength and muscle.
the more you learn the movements, the more you will be able to engage the muscle and more will it grow.
5.Sleep and Recover:

Give your body the proper time to recover. that does not mean throwing a cheat day and laying on the couch. Recovery happens during sleep, which is the first condition that you have to meet but on your rest days instead of laying and eating the whole day, you should go for a walk, try to move more, go for swimming, meet with friends and family, play with your dog, etc.

Moving more will allow a better blood flow which will deliver nutrients to your body more efficiently. Also, doing the activities that make you happy promotes healthier relationships and a good environment for your body to grow. 

These are the 5 basic things that I found helping me with the muscle-building goals.

let me know your thoughts in the comment section, see you in the next post.

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