My Top 10 Best picks for the Workout…

music and gym

Good music is one of the important things for a good workout. Music pumps up the muscle and gives an adrenaline push to crush your work. It can be the motivation to squeeze those 1-2 reps.

Find here the top music that we recommend trying during your workout.

weather you are going for a PR, or preparing for deadlift session. this track will get your mindset rolling into action.

“Blood is running, heart is pumping, as the battle gets closer” this song will do the same for you. the feeling of we can be heroes will motivate you enough to push your limits as your muscle start working.

Everytime i listen to this song, it gives me goosebumps. Suberp acting and Daler Mehndi’s voice is a perfect combination for this wrestle packed song.

It’s German but it gets the work done… you love drums? this is for you, you love action? this will pump you up.

Listen it when you gonna Max out your lift.

One of the most badass Bollywood song to try during your intense sessions…

This old school movie shows the discipline that an athlete has to follow to achieve the great by doing small and consistent efforts.

Dedicated to the warriors who never take NO… When it comes to the duty that they have to finish, no matter how tough the job is.

This song had to be in the list and you know why..!!! EVERYBODY loves this…

One of my favorite EDM to go while working out…

That is it… My one of the go to playlist for the gym. Please let me know in the comment if you want to add any other song…

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