3 Common supplements that are not worthy of the money… !!

weight gainer

For anybody who has been into the gym and desires of getting that perfect body knows that there is a term “supplement” that may help to get the results. However, supplements are the synthetically or naturally extracted products that are used to fulfill the deficiency which one is not able to fulfill with the diet alone.

principle of supplementation.

The above chart gives an overall view of how supplements are included. There are many other aspects like quantity and quality, but we will get there later.

So Here are 3 supplements which are not worth your money.

1. Weight Gainer Supplements.

weight Gainers

Weight Gainers are the most widespread supplement that everyone has heard. And whenever it comes to weight gaining, this supplement crosses most people’s minds.

Ironically, weight gainers that claim to make you healthy by reaching the desired weight goal (generally surplus), are actually loaded with ingredients which are not accurately monitored. Weight gainers present in the market generally provide anywhere from 400 cal – 1000cal and high protein i.e. around 50 – 60 gm in 1 serving and these are still very low in cost as compared to other protein supplements that provide 25 gm of protein per serving and are comparatively expensive than the weight gainers.

The reason for the difference in price is because the ingredients used in weight gainers are very low in quality. The second thing is that a normal athlete or beginner needs anywhere around 2600cal on daily basis to be in a calorie surplus and to gain weight (5’6″ and 70kg men) and this can be obtained easily on a homemade diet. If you are getting 1000cal from the weight gainer and then taking the rest of your normal diet, it will definitely surpass the overall calorie requirement which will eventually make you gain pounds of fat.

The best approach is to check your maintenance calories and add 300 – 500 cal on top of that so that you can have an idea of your calorie requirements. You can get the Details of BMR in my previous post.

Next time, instead of thinking about spending on the weight gainers, Try adding some healthy extra required calories by adding some banana, protein powder, peanut butter, milk, etc.

2. Multivitamin Supplement

Ever heard your parents saying that never to drink milk with anything that is sour i.e. curd or lemon/orange. Well, the statement is true to some extent. Vitamin C inhibits the absorption of Calcium. Also, it is prescribed to take Zinc supplements on an empty stomach as zinc does not go well with other vitamins and minerals.

Here I am getting into the point that various vitamins and minerals do not go well with others, the inhibit the absorption of the other minerals therefore it is advised to take these supplements/food or medicine at different times. Taking Multivitamins means that you are taking all of these in one go which ironically equals taking no supplement at all or even inhibiting the absorption of other vitamins and minerals that you have been including in your diet via food.

All you will be having is a fluorescent pee which is probably due to non-absorption of vitamins and minerals and excess of vitamin B2, commonly known as Riboflavin.

Another bad side is that you might actually be ingesting the nutrient that is already abundant in your body, some vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin D are two of the fat-soluble vitamin which means that they are stored in the fat cells of the body. Long-term intake of these vitamins can accumulate in the body and create a toxin reaction known as Hypervitaminosis.

3. BCAA supplements :

BCAA supplement or Branched Chain Amino Acid is a group of 3 essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These supplements are commonly used in order to boost muscle growth and exercise performance. Apart from these 3, there are 6 more Amino acids that are considered essential Amino Acid (refer to the table below).

image source: Google

BCAA also increases protein synthesis in muscle due to the presence of amino acid: Leucine(1,2). These are known as essential Amino acid as our body cannot make them and we need to consume them from food sources. All of these 20 amino acids makes a complete protein profile which is needed for the muscle building.

Essential Amino AcidNon – essential Amino Acid

essential and non- essential amino acids

This extra benefit of protein synthesis from Leucine can only be helpful if we take the rest of the 20 Amino acids to achieve complete protein profiles. Our muscle requires all of these to repair the damaged cells during a workout, taking the BCAA supplement does no good unless we have remaining proteins in our system.

The interesting thing is most of the proteins we consume (especially from animal source) are already sufficient in these amino acids, and they already have these BCAA and the rest of the amino acid to increase the protein synthesis for approx. 36 hrs.

Bottom Line: Consuming BCAA supplement separately won’t do any good unless it is paired with the rest of the proteins and Most of the protein sources already have these amino acids including BCAA, so you have enough BCAA in your system.

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