things wrong about weight loss…!! and why you should aim for Fat loss..


Weight Loss vs Fat Loss!!

I always hear people talking about reducing their weight and starving themselves without knowing that it is not the weight loss they should be aiming for. Here are the things about your bodyweight that you should know…

1. Bodyweight is not an accurate measurement of your health.

weighing your body is good and it can tell you if you are overweight or underweight but it definitely is not reliable if you are checking your health based on the weight scale.

your body weight is not a measurement of “how fat you are”. It actually consists of  various factors and therefore can be variable from person to person:

  1. Bone density
  2. muscle mass
  3. fat mass
  4. skeletal muscle
  5. water weight

You can decrease any of these factors and your body weight will be automatically reduced. 

2. Weight loss and Fat Loss are different.

You may be doing tons of cardio and dieting down to the point of starvation, but still, the result may not be quite as expected (mainly in terms of Fat loss).  

When we do any sort of activity out body composition changes and if it is not done and monitored correctly, then it can have the totally opposite effect of what we had assumed. 

First of all, weight loss is a game of restricting calories and usually cutting them below the maintenance calories. however restricting calories too below the maintenance calorie can induce short term weight loss which may include a reduction in the water weight, fat mass, bone density, muscle mass loss, etc. 

weight loss vs Fat loss

Fat loss works on this basic principle as well. It is also restricting calories done in the right way. In Fat Loss, the aim is to target the fat mass in the body while trying to maintain strength. Doing right means, including a high protein balanced diet, performing exercise in moderate volume, and reducing calories (Approx 300-400 cal below the maintenance calorie intake.)

3. Fat Loss is Great.

 Who does not love a body with visible abs? Almost every one of us will prefer a body with a muscular look and decent looking abs physique and not caring if your body is 80 kg. Compare this with someone who is 60 kg but has no abs and definitely not a muscular physique.

Best thing is The more muscle your body holds the less fat it tends to gain. Muscle helps in burning calories and improving metabolism (when added with planned workout).

fat loss
75 kg bodyweight
weight loss
75 kg of body weight












That’s all Folks, See you in other post.. Chao!!

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